Triple murder: The body of the suspected killer found


Professional soldier D.M. (40), suspected of the triple murder that happened today morning at the Probishtip village Zletovo, is the man whose body was found hanged near the village, police confirmed, says META’s reporter from Shtip.
As police informed, after he shot his victims, he went to his home, where he found the brother of his wife, who had managed to take his automatic rifle away, with which it is assumed that he committed the murders.
– During a physical fight, the brother of his wife managed to take his weapon away, an automatic rifle, which is suspected to have been used in the murders – says Gordana Panajotova, spokeswoman of SOI Shtip.
The previous night, the suspect D.M. was on duty in the Kumanovo barracks, from where he left for Zletovo with full military equipment. When he arrived at the village, he first went to the home of the market inspector M.D., where he asked to see the boy for whom he suspected that has an affair with his wife, with who he already was in a middle of a divorce. Neighbors testified that they heard an argument, after which the suspect killed the uncle of the boy, 51-year-old M.D.
Then he went to the other end of the village and shot his wife’s parents, pensioners Ilija M. and Jana M.
Police contacted the Army and its officials confirmed that the suspect does not own a private weapon.
Residents of Zletovo testify that he often molested his wife with who he was married for about 10 years and had two children.
Police confirmed that two reports of domestic violence were raised against him by his wife and her mother.
The suspected killer served in Afghanistan for two years, and after his return from there, he was stationed at the barracks in Kumanovo.

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