Administration will receive extra pay, but only a fraction of them. With a thirteenth salary will be rewarded five percent of the best in the administration, according to marks that they will receive from the citizens and their superiors. This legal news presented by the Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski.

– In addition, in terms of career advancement for employees, at the beginning of the year, objective indicators of supervisors are set and based on these indicators, the success of the employee will be measured. The assessment will be much more objective than what we now have in the Republic of Macedonia, where the assessment will be done by your colleagues, citizens and those above and below you, and of course, the top five percent of employees will receive thirteenth salary – Ivanovski said.

With the new systematization prepared in state and municipal institutions, there cannot be more than 50 percent employments of the number of the current employees. These are the legal changes that apply in the state, municipal and public administration.

Minister Ivanovski didn’t say where would those 3,000 people with temporary contracts fit in, those whose employment would be transformed.

Several unions last week criticized the legal changes, especially in the part of demonstrating expensive Certificate of Language Proficiency that they will have to pay themselves on every two years.