A false bomb threat by public transport company’s employee interrupted the bus transportation in Skopje


After abomb threat for a hand grenade placed in one of the buses was sent by an employee of the Public Transport Enterprise – Skopje (JSP), all the buses of this enterprise were withdrawn this morning and were not running. As the company informed, anti-terrorism teams intervened and after the safety checks, the vehicles were gradually put back on the lines. The person employed in the JSP who sent the threat, has been detained.

Police say they have arrested J.I. after the report from JSP at about 5 o’clock that a message with a bomb threat was sent from his email address to the official e-mail of JSP and to the addresses of all the directors, the finance, legal and other units of JSP. He threatened that due to the irregular salary payments he planned to place a bomb on a JSP bus, which would explode today, during the protests. But it was a false bomb threat, as it came up, and the public transportation in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, soon returned to the normal schedules.

“Anti-terrorism checks are being carried out and measures are being taken to clear up the case,” the press release clarifies.

Else, yesterday afternoon the Government denied debt to JSP-Skopje. This reaction came after the Secretary of the City of Skopje, Zoran Gligorov, announced a protest in front of the government building starting today at noon, if two million euros for free transport of students and students are not disbursed to JSP.

Trade unionists, as reported by Meta have given the public transport enterprise a new deadline to pay back September’s arrears. Otherwise, as they said, public bus transportation will be suspended.

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