Janeva’s team now complete, and starts work on Monday

Today at the Council of Public Prosecutors the twelve elected prosecutors from Katica Janeva team swore an Oath of Office, which officially means on Monday they will start to work on the allegations arising from the content of tapped conversations.

The formal session, prosecutors vowed to work responsibly and honestly, in accordance with the Constitution, Laws and legal international agreements, and the President of the Council of Public Prosecutors, Petar Anevski, congratulated the elected and wished them all success.

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, thanked the Council of Public Prosecutors and noted that the decision to choose her team was made after consultations and meetings with the Council of Public Prosecutors, and after all the hard work, they achieved an agreement about the choice of the 12 Assistant Prosecutors.

Janeva said the Special Prosecutor’s work will begin on Monday, that their finances were approved by Parliament and should soon be accessible in a newly formed account for the newly formed Prosecution and the ongoing equipping and facilities that are given to her work.

Special prosecutor today declined to comment on yesterday’s decision of the panel of the Basic Court Skopje 1, which declared that the “bombs” can not be used as evidence. Also, would not comment on any announced review of the constitutionality of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Janeva confirmed that the Special Prosecutors Office materials will be arriving, however are not part of the 28 cases, and when asked whether certain people have applied for protected witnesses, she did not want to give a specific comment and said it was being processed.

At today’s formal session, the State Prosecutor, Mark Zvrlevski did not attend.

Asked to comment about whether she had anything to say to Zvrlevski, Janeva said she wished him well and respected Mark Zvrlevski as State Prosecutor.