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Tag: КатицаЈанева

Janeva’s team now complete, and starts work on Monday

Today at the Council of Public Prosecutors the twelve elected prosecutors from Katica Janeva team swore an Oath of Office, which officially means on Monday they will start to work on the allegations arising from the content of tapped conversations. The formal session, prosecutors vowed to work responsibly and honestly, in accordance with the Constitution, Laws and legal international agreements,...

Political parties in the MP’s Clubhouse debate new crisis

At 14:00 pm, at the MPs Clubhouse in Skopje, a meeting between representatives of the political parties began, hoping to resolve the deadlock in negotiations on the Electoral Law. A statement given by only one representative from SDSM, Damjian Manchevski, who said that at the meeting they will not discuss anything until the issue is resolved about the selection of the Special...