Medical students engaged in the war against COVID-19 in North Macedonia.

“We are in a humane profession, this is what we do every day, and we are helping the community,” said Revije Veliu, one of the 6th year medical students that will provide support for her colleagues at the front lines in the war against the coronavirus in the country, informs

Veliu stressed that she and her colleagues volunteered their assistance to their medical colleagues because they saw that North Macedonia’s situation with the medical personnel isn’t very good.

“Our country, just like the rest of the world, is facing a major crisis, and my colleagues and I volunteered to help. As we assessed the situation, we offered our help to healthcare institutions since the start of the pandemic. Taking into account that our country is not in good financial shape, and it lacks medical personnel. Our profession is humanitarian, to assist the community, and that is why we are very pleased that we will be able to contribute a little,” said Veliu.

She also said that even though she lacks the experience of treating patients in times of a pandemic, together with her colleagues, she is prepared to treat the patients infected with COVID-19.