The vinyl chloride from OHIS transferred to Germany to be incinerated


The chemical tank containing vinyl chloride monomer from the OHIS Industrial complex near Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, was transferred to Germany where the hazardous chemical will be incinerated at the SUEZ Sonderabfallgesellschaft incinerator.

It’s a historical waste of around 13 tons that was repackaged by experts from the French company Curium from an old wagon into a new tank, so that it can be transported. The Ekocentar 97 company informed today that the chemical has already arrived in Germany and these days it will be safely incinerated.

“As part of the “Project for the safe removal of chemical materials from locations and production plants within AD OHIS” the procedure for removal and safe transportation of the vinyl chloride monomer has been completed. The transport began on the 2nd of October with the presence of representatives of the State Environmental Inspectorate, with a transporter that has all licenses and permits for international transport of this type of hazardous waste. We received a confirmation from the incinerator in Germany that the waste has arrived without any problems during the transport and the chemical tank was safely unloaded at the incinerator. In the forthcoming period we are waiting for the information when the vinyl chloride monomer will be incinerated,” informs Ekocentar 97.

Most of the hazardous waste at the OHIS plant was already safely exported for safe incineration as part of the same project. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March this year postponed the last export when apart from the vinyl chloride, around 10 tons of various waste remained i.e. 4.6 tons of initiators and 5.2 tons of unknown chemicals.

These were packed in an ADR packaging that is adequate for international transport and were stockpiled at the warehouse located in the OHIS’ yard from where they were supposed to be transferred to Valorec Services Incinerator in Basel, Switzerland for incineration.

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