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The vinyl chloride from OHIS transferred to Germany to be incinerated

The chemical tank containing vinyl chloride monomer from the OHIS Industrial complex near Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, was transferred to Germany where the hazardous chemical will be incinerated at the SUEZ Sonderabfallgesellschaft incinerator. It's a historical waste of around 13 tons that was repackaged by experts from the French company Curium from an old wagon into a new...

The vinyl chloride deposited in OHIS still awaits the repackaging into secure barrels

Around 14 tons of vinyl chloride deposited in the former OHIS chemical industrial complex in Skopje, North Macedonia, still await the experts from the French company Kurium to arrive, repackage it in new safe barrels and transport it for proper disposal. The Ekocentar 97 company, which was selected to clean the 11 types of chemicals which are still deposited...