The truth needs to be provided with channels as it is the biggest enemy of false news


The biggest enemy of the lie is the truth, and therefore the efforts and the policies of all concerning parties should be directed towards providing channels for spreading the truth.

This was stressed today by Marjan Zabrchanec, the prime minister’s special advisor for public relations during the third forum for managing the internet that took place today in Skopje.

“We need to instigate the doubt and to create a critically inclined general public that will have a capacity to recognize lies and to spread the truth. It is most important to ask what all of us can do in the fight against false news and disinformation in order to fight this thing that is seriously undermining democratic values, causes hate and conflicts” said Zabrchanec.

He said that the media literacy is one of the measures and for this purpose, an initiative was started with the civil sector and the government’s institutions – the Ministry of Education and Science and the Bureau for the Development of Education, in order for the contours to be made for the best, most applicable model of media literacy in the educational process.

Regarding the cooperation with the media concerning this plan, the government will completely support the self-regulation as a methodology according to which the media outlets will offer solutions according to their professional codexes and standards and a significant contribution was the list of media that adhere to these principles that are prepared by the Council for Media Ethics and the Association of Journalists.

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