The SPP have appealed to the High Court of Appeals over the decision to place Grujovski under house arrest


The Special Public Prosecution (SPP) this afternoon announced that they had submitted an appeal to the High Court of Appeals in Skopje against the decision made by the Criminal Panel of the Basic Court Skopje 1, to release Grujovski under house arrest. The head of the Security and Counter intelligence (UBK) otherwise known as the fifth administration, Goran Grujovski, is the prime suspect in the case “Fortress”, and wad only recently remanded in custody for a 30 day detention.

“We have made an appeal against the decision by the panel who changed the original decision made by the judge from the preliminary hearing and has will allow the first suspect in the case ” Fortress ” to be released under house arrest. This is because according to this Public Prosecutor’s Office there are circumstances that indicate the necessity of detention and its purpose, this is why we did not ask for a more lenient measure”, read the statement by the SPP.

Spokeswoman for the SPP, and prosecutor, Lence Ristovska told “Meta” said that the Criminal Panel accepted the allegations of the necessity of having him in a certain location, but they thought it could do with more lenient measure.

“In the appeal we gave clarification why we think the first decision should remain, for the suspect to remain in detention”, said Ristovski.

The Criminal Panel of the Basic Court Skopje 1 in a session yesterday adopted a decision which overturns the decision of the judge from the preliminary hearing and replaces the measure of 30 day custody with house arrest for the prime suspect, Goran Grujoski the Head of the fifth administration (UBK).

The panel decision was adopted, after Grujovski’s lawyers complained.

The High Court of Appeals should make the final decision on whether Grujovski will remain in custody or will confirm the decision made by the Criminal Panel and place him under house arrest. Until then, the suspect will remain in custody in prison in Skopje.

Grujovski and four other suspects in the case “Fortress”, including former Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska, were accused of destroying illegal equipment for the interception of communications last year,  worth up to 10 million euros.

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