The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) did not leave government, they are in the process of replacing their staff, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski, adding that any party has that right if they participate in Government.
He said that he did not have a meeting with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, following the withdrawal of his ministers from Government.

“We have not had a meeting, we may do later on. It is not true that only we and the SDSM stayed in government. As I was informed, the DUI party did not leave the government, but is replacing its staff within the party. Every political party has the right to replace its staff in Government, to offer others, of course they have to meet certain conditions of quality, but anyhow, they have the right to replace staff”, said Gruevski.

The DUI party, late on Thursday night announced that the presidency of the party had decided to withdraw its ministers from Government.

Yesterday, DUI issued a statement in which they clarified their decision, and put emphasis on the recordings of conversations between senior officials of the party which were leaked to the public and the responsibility of their distribution.