Фото: Warframe.com

Everyone that has hesitated which free game to pick to play on Steam and chose Warframe made the right choice. Although Dota 2 and Counterstrike Global are available for free most gamers are over them because they’ve played them for years.

Warframe lets you enter a space cyberpunk game where you become a “space ninja”. The Warframes themselves are sort of armors that the operator uses and can change them at will if they are built ingame. The game has its own aspect of farming and is more PVE oriented, there are options for PvP also but most players don’t play PvP at all. 

The Open World of Warframe is great, especially the stage Plains of Eidolon where you can explore a vast area and fight enemies, do fishing where there’s water, mine ore with lasers and fight against huge monsters. The second Open World stage is a snowy area called Fortuna where you can use a hoverboard like in the movie Back to the Future 2. While the game functioned for years like missions based in relatively narrow map labyrinths it’s still one of the best group to play games out there and the old locations are updated and very playable you even don’t have to wait at all for a random group to be formed for a mission. Warframe offers instant action and instant fun. And the graphics are impressive even on older computers because the game itself is very well optimized. The Quests are great and the main story is most interesting. 

The so-called farming of resources  for blueprints to build weapons and armor is a big part of the game. Everyone in the game is “chasing” the newest warframes and weapons, besides that is the way of how you advance in the game.

For example most beginners think that one particular Warframe they chose and one set of weapons is enough to have in the game, but as they progress they soon find out that the game functions with gathering and leveling of more weapons above all- with which you increase your MR (Mastery Rank) the general rank of the player ingame. The more weapons, armors, pets (dogs and big cats), sentinels(robot companions), archwings (wings for flying) and other stuff-you have leveled the better your Mastery Rank is but even for the mastery rank to increase you have to take tests to earn the current rank, where some of the tests are easier if you have the right warframe for the test. Because of this the key to the game is to learn how to trade the mods and the parts that you earn. Although at first glance the game itself might seem to you like a totally Pay to Win game because you can buy almost anything with the platinum currency that sells for real money. But if you trade regularly you can gather enough platinum to buy slots for leveling different weapons. 

There is also another way and its to level different weapons in one slot and just delete the maxed out weapon and go to the next weapon or warframe, they will count towards your experience but you wont have them-it is why there are players that are around MR 12 and own like 10 weapons in total-because they leveled in only one slot. Your Mastery Rank determines how many trades you have in the day, for example if youre MR 5 you can only trade 5 times in a period of  24 hours. MR12 can trade 12 times and that means a lot of more platinum and from there on the game normalizes and you will have enough for everything.

The best advice for trading is to filter the phrase WTB(Want to Buy) for the trade chat-thats done if you click on the magnifying glass on the chat menu and write in “WTB” and press filter and you will receive the trade chat messages of people that are only buyers not sellers -you simply check if you have the part, the set or the mod, you whisper (private message) the buyer and make an agreement for the price according the prices on the warframe market site where you can check the value of each item you have.Warframe Market | Most recent Buy and Sell orders 

If you trade each day for a short period of time you will have enough platinum for the basic needs and sometimes even for special skins. Although the game can look grotesque from time to time it still has amazing graphical designs.