Фото: Guild Wars 2

From today, September 21st to September 25th, you can try out the three new announced elite specializations for Revenant, Warrior and Elementalist, that is, Vindicator, Bladesworn and Catalyst. All you need is a Guild Wars 2 account, if you don’t have one you can make a free account and start the game immediately. On the 21st of September 3 new beta slots will appear, through which you can try out the new elite specializations with full gear, the progress during the beta event will not be saved and everything from the beta will be deleted on 25th of September. But at least you’ll get the opportunity to try out these three new elite specializations:


3.   Vindicator 

Finally the Revenant gets a Greatsword. Up until now it was the only soldier profession that couldn’t use that weapon while the Guardian and the Warrior had it from the start. The Greatsword became one of the all time favorite weapons since Guild Wars 2 came out, because in Guild Wars there were no Greatswords whatsoever.

The Vindicator besides having the Greatsword channels the legends of the history of Tyria, this time around two legends at once and those are the heroes Saint Victor from the Kurzick faction and Arcimores  the leader of the Luxon faction. In GuildWars 1 the Kurzick looked like gothic metalheads, while the Luxon faction were barbarians that worshiped turtles. 

The Kurzick skills for the Vindicator are mostly for healing and cleansing tactics and they don’t do as much damage as the Luxon skill do because those are mainly direct attacks. While the elite skill of the Luxons is The Ghost of Arcimores throwing a spear towards the picked target and does a lot of damage, the Kurzick elite skill is the Urn of Saint Victor that has interesting mechanics from which the main one is to take away your health while simultaneously healing the allies that are nearby. While you channel the skill. All the skills of the Vindicator look aesthetically  stunning  but they are also effective -the fact alone that the Vindicator has several gap closers skills will make him very efficient in World vs World PvP where he would be able to catch running enemies and at the same time using the Kurzick skills on large groups with additional healing and support. 


2. Bladesworn 

The Bladesworn warrior practically gets two new weapons, an offhand pistol and the Gunsaber that is a combination of a longsword and a pistol that fires with bullets of amber(a special material that the Kurzick faction uses in Guild Wars 1) while it performs hits. This class is based on the Power stat which makes it a more direct damage dealer. Instead of building up adrenaline the Bladesworn accumulates Flow and realodes the ammunition, the hits works more on a charge up for hits and literally firing at the enemies while unleashing different types of Dragon Slash attacks. The Gunsaber functions as a kit for an engineer does, and the weapon swap option gets locked with use, so you would have to chose and alternative weapon before you get into combat.  

The Elite skill refiles the ammunition, but most of the attack skills have a longer cooldown until you can use them again- all the measures to stop a exploit of this type of skill are being taken and you cannot spam rotations all the time but you can do significant bursts that do alot of damage at once. The Bladesworn is like an upgrade of the already existing specialization -the berserker that also makes huge damage from time to time. But still the newest specialization looks interesting especially because of the Gunsaber that in most similar games is popularly known as the Gunblade, but the developers of Guild Wars 2 had taken this to another more complicated level because they really made a good job so that both visually and technically the Bladesworn profession is great. Its especially rare in any MMO to have a class that can “one-shot anything”. But measures are being taken for it not to be a too overpowering specialization, especially against other players where the damage numbers are deliberately nerfed for PvP. 


1. Catalyst 

The main joke about the elementalist is that its a “piano”, there are so many spells combinations that require pressing a lot of buttons. With the Catalyst the new elite specialization that only becomes deeper but it’s for sure that this is gonna be one of the more interesting specs to play because it uses a lot of compatible combinations. The weapon that the Catalyst uses is a two handed hammer and not only that he uses it in melee combat but also it can hit at range.  Trough the power of the Jade Spheres the Catalyst channels the elements into wheels that he opens up as circular areas, and while he stands in them not only that he gets buffs from the element they are attuned at in the moment, but does new combinations of attacks with its abilities. Likewise he can also make energy balls that rotate around him (in all the elements) and to hit his enemies that way or he can direct and fire all the energy balls at one target, that is mostly a boss in PvE or another player in PvP. With every element between fire, water, air and earth he has different attacks with the hammer. And while standing in the well changes an element from damage (for example Fire) into healing (Water) and the skills on the hammer will change into those that make you regain health instead of dealing damage to the opponents. The main elite skill is similar to the Bladesworn’s elite skill only that with the Catalyst it resets the cooldown of the skills, so you can do several rotations of useful skills. There is also a block skill, that functions if the Catalyst gets hit with  a skill -the hit is blocked and you get an aura according to the momentarily attuned element. There are so many combinations that are worthwhile trying out.     


For more information about the three new elite specializations and how do they look like when played and the skills combinations you can view the next a little longer video that informs on a lot of news: 

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