The former Prime Minister and VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader, Nikola Gruevski, the former Minister of Transport and Communications, Mile Janakieski and the former Mayor of the municipality of Gazi Baba, Toni Trajkovski are supposed to appear at court for the TNT case on the 24th of January when the first hearing for this case by SPO is scheduled.

It is uncertain who will be chosen to trial the case since judge Ivica Stefanovski, to whom this case was first allocated, with the new schedule, is transferred to another department at the court i.e. he won’t be able to lead trials with organized crime cases.

The court states that whenever the new schedule becomes official, the TNT case will be allocated to another judge.

In accordance with the verdict of the Appellate court dated from the start of last November, the wiretapped conversations will be used as evidence in this case’s procedure.

The TNT case investigates the demolition of the Kosmos complex owned by the businessman and president of the Party for a European Future (PEI), Fijat Canovski, and apart from Gruevski, Janakieski and Trajkovski, four other persons are among the accused.