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Portalb: Unnecessary media hyperbolization and glorification of Russian military equipment

This is an article that hyperbolically and sensationally glorifies Russian military equipment. The headline “Russia presented the Beast in the Sky: “We will deal with America using this” ​​is a typical example of unprofessional journalistic reporting, which aims to mislead the public, writes Portalb.mk.   On January 6, 2022, through a sensational headline, N-news Media informs readers that Russia has introduced...

VMRO-DPMNE: By employing Commander Hoxha, Zaev is giving way to thugs

The only reference to Zaev's friend, Commander Hoxha, is that he made a political agreement with the top of SDSM, to free the village of Tanusevci, and in return, he received a political position high up in government. But who held Tanusevci captive and where are the weapons and the people who were ready to confront the Macedonian police?...