The only reference to Zaev’s friend, Commander Hoxha, is that he made a political agreement with the top of SDSM, to free the village of Tanusevci, and in return, he received a political position high up in government. But who held Tanusevci captive and where are the weapons and the people who were ready to confront the Macedonian police? What message is Zaev sending to all future criminals and thugs who plan to threaten us and use blackmail? Asked Naum Stoilkovski, a spokesman for VMRO-DPMNE, at a press conference today.

He said that by employing Xhezair Shaqiri-Hoxha, as his adviser for internal security and the fight against radicalism, Zaev has embarrassed both the state and the Macedonian people.

“This is very humiliating for both the citizens and the state, but also for the police officers who lost their lives in the fight against such extremists. The government is not privately owned by Zoran Zaev and the criminal cartel surrounding him. The agreement made for Commander Hoxha must be broken, and the institutions must show the courage and will to defend the interests of the state. After Shaqiri’s confession, a serious investigation must follow to determine who assisted him in the threats and with what kind of weapons were used”, said Stoilkovski, warning that issuing top-level security clearance for Commander Hoxha outside of regulation, is a crime.