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Tag: Абдилаќим Адеми

The requirements of high school students to be discussed on government session

Negotiations between "High school plenum" and the Ministry of Education and Science will continue, and the demands of high school students will be debated at today’s session of the government. After the meeting, high school students say they didn’t receive a particular promise, but are optimistic and believe that they will find an understanding of the Ministry of Education...

The meeting between “High school plenum” and MES ended without an agreement

The meeting between representatives of the "High School plenum" and Minister of Education and Science Abdilakim Ademi, his deputy Spiro Ristovski and Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Vladimir Peshevski ended without compromise, but with an agreement negotiations and meetings between the concerned parties to continue. Meanwhile, the boycott of classes will continue, and high school students will spend...