“Student’s plenum”: New protests, as well as boycott of classes are possible


The possibility of new protests, as well as boycott of classes is not excluded if the Government continues with the same attitude to introduce state exam at the faculties, pointed out representatives of “Student’s plenum” at a press conference today. Students are appalled by the ignorance of the Government and say they would ask the head of state Gjorgje Ivanov to support them as a professor and contribute to successful reformation of education.

– We refuse to discuss educational reforms which the Government has imposed on such an invasive and undemocratic manner. We remain strongly opposed to the measure state exam and we won’t discuss the improvement of higher education until it doesn’t back down, because it conflicts with the principles of the university as an institution. Because we are ignored, we are compelled to take non-institutional measures – says Hristijan Davidovik from “Student’s plenum”.

Representatives of the plenum say that, given the last press conference of the Minister and Deputy Minister of Education, it can be concluded that the Government continues to ignore the arguments and attempts to relativize the issue with the state exam by offering a whole package of measures.

– We believe that not only that the authorities are making the same mistake, but they are also increasing the revolt among students and the general public by offering such provisional solutions that don’t penetrate the core of the problem. We appeal to the trade unions, educational institutions (primary and secondary schools) and teachers to state their opinion on the other proposed measures in the field of secondary education announced by the Ministry concerned. “Student’s plenum” reviews the possibilities available to prevent the adoption of the now draft law. However, with their vanity and stubbornness, state institutions only stimulate greater antagonism between the state and the academic community, especially the students, and make us put aside the institutional methods, forcing us to go out on the streets – said representatives of the plenum.

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