Members of the plenum from Bitola were left without power in the autonomous zone last night


Members of the plenum from Bitola, who yesterday declared autonomous area of Technical Faculty, spent last night at minus 10 degrees Celsius. Twenty-five students, male and female, slept in cold rooms only on polystyrene and sleeping bags. Moreover, the fuses were constantly bursting, so it was impossible to turn on heaters. There are only two rooms, one of which is used for sleeping, and the other as a kitchen.

Boris Nikolevski, member of the “Student plenum”, stated for META that although they “bit” the strong cold, they will still remain in the autonomous zone until MES does not open doors for negotiations and doesn’t accept their demands.

– They turned off heating, for which we were aware since afternoon, but, during the night, the fuses burst when we would plug in mobile phone charges, so we were left without electricity and in cold rooms for hours. It was impossible to turn on a heater. So, accidentally or not, at the temperature deep below zero, we were left all night with no heat – says Nikolevski.

As for the food and the necessary hygiene, Nikolevski appeals to citizens for help, especially because more than a hundred members of the plenum are gathered during the day for the alternative lectures and program which has already been prepared.

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