Starting from October, citizens will be able to get documents in electronic form – an electronic portal will become operational


Starting from October, a new national portal for electronic services will start working that will allow the citizens, apart from the regular procedure, to receive their documents in an electronic way i.e. only by several clicks, which will help to remove bureaucracy procedures, walking from one stand to another and waiting long ques informs Portalb.mk.

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) is performing their last preparations in order for the 1st of October to be the starting date for a functional electronic national portal for the citizens.

At the start of October, it is expected for the portal to be put into use and now is in its final phase of coordinating with other institutions that provide service, for which the portal will offer electronic services. The portal is ready but it has to be upgraded and to be tested, said MISA.

They also said that as soon as the portal becomes operational, the documents that will be taken in their electronic form, will have the same value as the paper documents.

The citizens can activate their electronic ID by registering in the system.

The registration can be done in two ways, where the first is to show up at one of the authorized counters that will be installed across the country, and the second is electronically and this can be done individually without the need of physically visiting any of the institutions.

Starting from that moment, each citizen will be able to get all documents electronically, and they will be legally valid. The documents will be sent by email.

Otherwise, if the services are digitalized, only with the birth certificate, in a period of 5 years, the citizens would be able to save 44.121.920 denars or over 700.000 euros. This is based upon the research conducted by the Center of Managing Changes that has implemented a “cost-benefit” analysis of the RNM’s digitalization of services.

Digialtization of services is more than necessary as taking into account the results from the “Euro Meter 2019” poll that was implemented by the Civil Alliance for Transparency according to which, the citizens complain about walking from one counter to another, bad service, unprofessional behavior, inappropriate behavior by employees, deadlines breach, low quality of services.

According to the poll, 30 % of the citizens think that the service that is offered by the public administration are easily reachable, 22% state that the service is fast and 24% of them say that their services are of quality.

This means that two thirds of the citizens aren’t satisfied of the work of the public administration.

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