SPO: We told Jankuloska of her right to inspect the evidence and we will give it to her this week


After the former Minister of Interior, Gordana Jankuloska requested her interview be postponed, the Special Prosecutor’s Office pointed out to her that she does have the right to all documentation and evidence against her, before she gives a statement, the SPO told “Meta”.

Jankuloska invoked her right to look at the evidence against her, before giving a statement, which was due for today but has now been postponed. She will be given the opportunity to inspect the evidence this week.

“In any procedure, the party in question has the right to look through the evidence, and we would like to draw attention to this matter, that everyone has the right to inspect documentation and evidence before giving a statement. In this case, this was pointed out to the suspect, that she has the right to an insight of the evidence and she knew it and signed the necessary paperwork. The inspection into the evidence will begin this week”, the SPO told “Meta”.

Today, after leaving the SPO, where Jankuloska had been summoned to give a statement, she announced that her, and her legal team requested a postponement of the interview because, as they said, minimum requirements had not been met or “procedural standards”. As Jankuloska’s legal team explained, she had requested all documentation and evidence against her to be made available to her, on the grounds that she has the right to know with what she is being charged with.

She also added that the SPO are summoning more people hastily, and that is because of the early elections, and in the favour of the opposition, the SDSM.

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