Jankuloska requests interview with the SPO be postponed for an insight into the evidence against her


Former Minister of Interior, Gordana Jankuolska spent only 30 minutes at the Special Prosecutor’s Office where she had been summoned for an interview to give a statement. Jankuloska stated that she and her legal team had requested that the interview be postponed, because, as they said, minimum requirements had not been met or “procedural standards”.  As Jankuloska’s legal team explained, she had requested a copy of all documentation and other evidence against her, be made available, on the grounds that she has the right to know with what she is being charged with. She was granted a postponement by the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

The former minister did not say for which case she had been summoned today to give a statement, she only said that it was a case connected to a previous interview and questioning on the Fortress case.

Jankuloska said that more people are being summoned now by the SPO with such haste, due to the early elections.

“I have been in politics for a long time, I am aware that this is happening now, and at such a speed because of the elections. As the public has repeatedly witnessed, and the media has also commented that everything connected to this office will be in the opposition’s election campaign, despite the fact that for so many years, the opposition has nothing to offer the citizens of Macedonia and obviously their most important tool for the upcoming parliamentary elections remains the SPO. Therefore, in the following period we expect more discussions, as a matter of fact, they themselves, representatives of the prosecutor’s office, announced that there will an increase in such matters”, Jankuloska said.

Answering journalist’s questions, Jankuloska once again stated that she does not feel guilty and has not committed a crime. She again stated that in the nine years she was in office and served as Minister of Interior, she worked professionally and in accordance with the laws and the Constitution for the benefit of the citizens and the state.

Jankuloska also said that she does not miss her ministerial duties and that she “feels great”.

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