What the MFA requested from International Community for the floods: Jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, rubber boats…


The Minister for Foreign Affairs sent a notice to all embassies on August 9 asking for financial assistance and a list was put together of the products needed to help deal with consequences of the floods.

“The ministry shall attach a preliminary list of specific items needed, which may be handed out as the situation develops,” reads the letter which “Meta” came across and added that the humanitarian and financial aid in euros will help to deal with short-term, medium- and long-term consequences of the disaster.

Apart from the usual items that are needed in such situations, such as shovels, rubber boots, water, food, disinfectant, bins for technical water, hoses, etc., the list from the Ministry has other unusual items.

Among other things, the Ministry requires 24 vehicles – “Defenders” – with four-wheel drives, five motor boats with trailers and 29 rubber boats, trucks, tippers, climbing ropes, extension cords, 50 bags in which to rescue injured people, bags for saving people using a helicopter and so on.

The entire list can be viewed in the gallery.

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