Boban Nonkovic, who reports for the state new agency MIA, today in Brussels caused a stir when he and other journalists began asking the Hungarian Billionaire, and sponsor of the “Open Society Foundation”, George Soros, whether he wants to destroy the country through the crisis and unrest.

Nonkovic retorted that during the reign of the VMRO-DPMNE, the country had become a “champion in promoting Roma rights, during elections for Ministers, Mayors, MPs and executives in public institutions”, and claimed that some of those protesting in the country are self-proclaimed “Sorosoids” and openly support the opposition, the SDSM.

“I’m afraid that I have already answered the question on Macedonia. I’m not actually the personally involved in the foundation in Macedonia. I have a foundation there consisting of Macedonian trustees. And they are the ones to decide the course of the foundation. They have to answer your question”, said Soros.