The Swiss Model: Equal status for all Official Languages


Deputy Prime Minister for Implementation of Framework Agreement Musa Xhaferi told a press conference said that the best way to implement the Framework Agreement is to follow Switzerland’s example, where all ethnic communities speak three languages.
Here is a glimpse of Swiss law:
Swiss constitutional law is based on four key principles: equality between languages, freedom of citizens to use any language, language based on territory and the protection of all minority languages.
The official languages of the Confederation are German, French and Italian. Romanche is also an official language in relation to those who speak that language. The bodies of the Confederation use their official languages in their standard form.
The principle of equality gives the three main official languages of the Confederation the same legal status. Freedom of expression entitles Swiss citizens to use whatever language they want, but in practice, the judgments handed down by federal courts always favour the territoriality instead of freedom of expression.
All official languages can be used in the Federal Parliament in Bern. MP’s speak the language of their choice.
In Federal Parliament they have simultaneous translation for French, German and Italian. All laws are published in the three languages.
According to the Federal Language Act of Switzerland, the official languages used by federal authorities and in relations with them.
The Central Administration is trilingual (German, French and Italian).
In the Macedonian Constitution, Article 7, which refers to language, it says:
In Macedonia the official language is Macedonian and its alphabet Cyrillic.
In local government units where the majority of the inhabitants belong to minorities in official use besides the Macedonian language and Cyrillic alphabet, is their language and alphabet in a manner prescribed by law.
In local government where a significant number of inhabitants belong to minorities they use besides the Macedonian language and Cyrillic alphabet, their own language and alphabet, under conditions and in a manner specified by the law.

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