Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva, today at a press conference said she had compiled a team of public prosecutors who will help in resolving allegations of the content in the recordings of the “bombs” from the opposition, reports “Nova TV”.

Janeva said she will propose the names of 14 prosecutors to the Council of Public Prosecutors who will be part of her team in the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

As reported by “Nova TV” the prosecutors in question are Artan Ajran, Burim Rustemi, Gabriel Bubevski, Darko Jakimovski, Elizabeth Josifovska, Leila Kadriu, Lence Ristovska, Lile Stefanova Ljubomir Lape, Maria Gjorgjeva, Snezana Bundalevska, Stevco Donchev, Trajče Pelivanov and Fatmir Fetai.

All prosecutors proposed are existing prosecutors who work in the Public Prosecutor’s Offices in several cities around the country.

The Special Prosecutor pointed out that these people are distinguished professionals, and their high number for solving cases is necessary for a successful job performance for the up coming cases.