Old-new parties are returning: PDP, NDP, APM…


Two old-new parties sizzle in the Albanian political block. One is reformed and reactivated PDP. According to Faton Aliti, son of the late leader Abdurahman Aliti, member of the organizing committee for the restoration of the party, the former political giant is undergoing reorganization.
– Soon we will renew Tetovo branch, and later, within a couple of weeks, we will also elect a new leadership in Skopje and Gostivar. We are aware of all problems and we know what we undertook, but we have the desire and we the people to do it – stated Aliti for us.
In standby, until the scandal “Wiretapping” is ended, is the party NDP of former mayor of Gostivar Rufi Osmani, now under the leadership of Veselj Memedi. He said for META news agency that the central leadership of the party will decide when the party will return to the political scene.
In an interview with “Sloboden pechat”, Ljupcho Zikov, recent president of the Alliance for positive Macedonia (APM), announced continuance of his political career.
– Some people will go to jail, some to hell. Some on a well-deserved vacation. I assure you that positive Macedonia will happen, and you know well that Zikov has excellent ideas for Macedonia. He also has people. It was confirmed with my resignation. This was only one unsuccessful attempt. Good times are coming. Very soon – Zikov said in the interview.
As the political crisis is deepening and the chances of early elections are increasing, the old, almost extinguished, political parties started to reappear, new ones are announced and there are also factions of the existing ones.
The so-called “Amsterdam Three”, i.e. Forum of free-minded patriots, led by Professor Jove Kekenovski, composed of diplomat Nikola Dimitrov and former deputy ministers in Gruevski’s government Vladimir Lazarevik and Peter Dimshoski are the loudest in the media presentation.
Kekenovski, however, says he has no intention to form a new party, but that he fights for democratization of VMRO-DPMNE.
– Forum of free-minded patriots is not factionist action, but a platform for democratization of the party and it should be welcomed and supported by all progressive forces in the country and the party. It is sad that some declare the demand for democratization of the party as a heresy in the second decade of the 21st century – says Kekenovski.

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