The leadership of SDSM today met with high-ranking delegation of OSCE ambassadors.

“Everything that OSCE/ODIHR mission cited in the latest report on the elections in the Republic of Macedonia regarding the violated civil freedom and rights, the usurpation of the judicial system of the country, politicization of the institutions and endangered freedom of the media, was confirmed with evidence and arguments disclosed by SDSM, agreed both sides,” stated SDSM.

At the meeting, president Zoran Zaev stated that SDSM leads this process by spreading the “truth about Macedonia” to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and that, according to SDSM, solution to the political crisis is a transitional government that will organize free and fair elections.

“Tapping more than 20,000 citizens by Nikola Gruevski and several of his associates is a blow to the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia. SDSM is firmly determined to restore freedom and democracy in the Republic of Macedonia. Membership in the European Union and NATO is the only alternative for the country, “said president Zaev.