“At the request of the prosecution, we even then reacted to “YouTube” and the footages were removed, and if they are still there, probably somebody posted them again,” says Ivo Kotevski, Deputy Minister for Public Relations of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), for META regarding the controversial video footages of the secret meeting between opposition leader Zoran Zaev and the Prime Minister, in the Prime Minister’s Office, recorded last fall with special investigative measures (SIM).

Kotevski told us he did not know whether the footages are still on the video service, but, if so, “the Ministry will immediately act” if the prosecution again orders MOI to ask “YouTube” to remove them.

However, from what can be seen on the “YouTube” channel “hoho lol”, judging by the data showing how long the videos are there, it appears that they have been there all the time.

For the first two footages entitled “Truth revealed 1 and 2” reads that they have been on the service for two months, and they were posted at the beginning of February. The other two videos on the same channel, named “Polls” and “Recognition of defeat”, were posted on “YouTube” about a month ago, which, according to data of the video service, means that they were not re-posted.

The video recordings of conversation between Ljube Boshkoski and alleged Greek citizen are on the channel “Chklj Chklj” about a month now, i.e. from the time they were posted.

At the beginning of February, Prosecution ordered MOI to ask “YouTube” to remove the footages, but new footages appeared on the video service since then.