Ratajkovski will receive money from the State to film a documentary about birds, Shilegov points out


The editor in chief of the first program service of the State Macedonian Television ,Dime Ratajkovski, is part of a project that the government will be granting 30,000 euros of the state’s money too, Petre Shilgeov, spokesmen of the SDSM said at Monday’s press conference accusing the state of more questionable behavior.

“From all the famous writers, from all the record labels in Macedonia, behold, who gets the fund, a documentary which happens to be written by the obedient editor of power from MTV, and he will receive from the Film Agency 2.000.000 denars or more than 30,000 euros. When this press conference started the official website from the Film Agency was having trouble opening the link which shows all this information. However, it is obvious that Ratajkovski will be shooting a film about birds as it is titled “The Colours of Prespa – Birds.” It’s strange to couple a historian with the subject of ornithology. Is this money a big “thank you” for Dime Ratajkovski’s obedience? The whole public watches the MTV, and for four years it has been under the baton of Ratajkovski and his staff in the information service, and has converted the media outlet into a party news channel for Gruevski and the VMRO-DPMNE”, said Shilegov.

He added that this money is further proof that government has corrupted the media and the chief editors in the national service and it is therefore necessary there are media reforms during the election campaign period.


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