Naumov: By issuing the Eurobond, public debt will exceed 5 billion euros


The decision to issue a Eurobond in the amount of 650 million euros is a financial crime against the citizens, the economy and it will effect future generations to come, condemned Kire Naumov from the SDSM today at a press conference.

He said that after the announcement of the issuance of the Eurobond in the amount of 650 million euros, the public debt will officially exceed 5 billion euros or 54 percent of the country’s GDP.

“It’s 5 billion euros, and it will be carried on the back of the future generations. This criminal government cut capital investments under the pretext that it was a pre-election period and borrowing increases several times in an election year. Clearly Kiril Minoski was chosen as the new Finance Minister, to be a kamikaze and to sign off on this illegal, criminal borrowing. By signing off on the issuance of the Eurobond, Minoski will be the direct executor of this financial crime. For this, Minoski and all involved after the change of government will face criminal charges. We want to inform “Citi Bank”, “Deutsche Bank”, “Erste Bank” and “Societe Generale” as agents of the publication of the announced Eurobond, that according to the Law on Government, legal norms are still in force as well as the release of the fourth Eurobond . If the same legal procedure is not respected as in the issuance of the Eurobond, then after the change of government, we will dispute this debt as a legal public debt”, said Naumov.

He added that the government can not legally carry out such decisions which effects the country in such great proportions and will put future generations in debt for years.

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