Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has met last night with the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the margins of the Summit in Thessaloniki.

As informs the government, the meeting took place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

“We spoke many issues, among which is the issue of Greece’s support in the forthcoming period in order for the process of the EU accession negotiations to be sped up. Both prime ministers expressed their agreement that the positive outcome of this process will represent a major contribution to the region’s security and stability and it will serve as an additional instigation for the economic relations which are going up since the signing of the Prespa Agreement. The conversation stressed that this is a new boost for the economic ties between both countries and that is also a result of Greece being the second-biggest trading partner of N Macedonia” states the government’s press release.

During the meeting, both prime ministers have confirmed both countries’ determination for a complete and undisputed implementation of the obligations as determined by the Prespa Agreement.

Also, it was stressed that conditions will be provided for both countries’ commissions in order to intensify the determination of the trademarks.

Yesterday in Greece, the new collective trademarks for Greek products originating from the Greek area of Macedonia were promoted i.e. Macedonian products. The slogan they use is “Macedonia the GReat“, where the letters GR were stressed as an abbreviation for Greece and the letter M, written in white color against a blue background.