The Vice Prime Minister of Economic Affairs Kocho Angjushev who took part in the Summit in Thessaloniki said that it is important for us to build the interconnector towards Greece so we can connect to TAP’s gas pipeline and LNG’s terminals that are located on the banks of the Aegean sea.

“Now we are connected through one point for gas in Bulgaria and this will allow us to stay connected with other sources of gas and this will increase the price competitiveness of gas in Macedonia which will help for this business to develop. We know that the gas network is under construction throughout the country but that will mean little if there is no qualitative offer for gas from several points of delivery” said Angjusev.

According to Vice Prime Minister, the economic cooperation between Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria is providing positive results especially during the first years since the signing of the agreements with Greece and Bulgaria.

“As a result of these agreements, the trade with Greece during 2018 has increased by over 20% while with Bulgaria it has increased by 15%. A certain increase was noticed in 2019. The strengthening of the political cooperation brings economic benefits for the region” stressed Vice Prime Minister Angjushev.