фото: Социјални мрежи, Тик Ток, Фејсбук

After Meta.mk published that people from Kumanovo living in luxurious villas and driving expensive cars are taking a lion cub named Simba for a ride, the police detained one person, against whom criminal charges were pressed for keeping and appropriation of a wild animal.

“On the 5th of October 2021, police officers from the Crime Police Department – Sector for General Crime in coordination with police officers from SVR Kumanovo detained S.A. (aged 31) from Kumanovo on suspicion of “unauthorized hunting, keeping, and appropriation of wild animals: according to Article 228, Article 1 of the Criminal Code,” says the reply that Meta.mk received from the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

The ministry informed that after receiving a warrant from the Public Prosecution, the police searched three locations in the Kumanovo area. An official interrogation of S.A. was done and upon a direction given by a public prosecutor, SVR Kumanovo came up with criminal charges against him.

According to MoI, there are other aspects of the case of Simba, the lion cub, that had been taken toward clearing out the case.

Meta.mk hadn’t received any answer on Simba’s whereabouts.

According to the previously stated Article from the Criminal Code, the law prescribes a fine or a 6 months jail sentence.