Animal activists fear that lion cub Simba is going to be euthanized

Фото колаж: социјални мрежи, ТикТок, Фејсбук

More than 10 days have passed since, reacted on animal activist Tina Mickovska’s plea and revealed that Simba the lion cub has ended in Kumanovo. Still, even though the police has detained S.A. (31) from Kumanovo, on charges of “unauthorized hunting, keeping, and appropriation of wild animals” there is no information on whether the lion cub was located and how it was brought into Macedonia and its current whereabouts.

Taking into account that the lions grow fast and at the age of three months they start eating meat, in order to keep a wild animal such as this one, special conditions are needed. In the wild, where the lions can hunt, their life cycle lasts almost 8 to 10 years, but in imprisonment, their life span is up to 25 years.

Radmila Pesheva of Anima Mundi said for that we have no proper conditions for keeping lions and is concerned for Simba’s future.

“We have no proper conditions for keeping lions. Therefore, I’m concerned that the institutions will not be able to provide shelter and will euthanize the cub with an explanation that the animal’s origins and health history are unknown and will be treated as a threat and danger,” said Pesheva.