Photo by Albert Hyseni on Unsplash

There is no reason for panic among Macedonian citizens regarding the price of the electricity during the forthcoming months, said the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Throughout Europe, the price of electricity at Holland’s market has climbed from 16 EUR for MGw/h in January up to 98 EUR for MGw/h toward the end of September, Politico reports.

The President of the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission Marko Bislimoski said that the current price of electricity in the country will remain the same at least until December of this year.

“The citizens should rest assured because AD ESM is covering the market completely and is providing the necessary quantities of electricity for the Universal distributor at the price of 36 EUR for MGw/h,” said Bislimoski.

The price of electricity in Macedonia is determined in June each year and it remains the same at least until the end of December when a new call is issued for the purchase of electricity for the needs of the regulated market, where AD ESM is submitting its offer.

The AD ESM explained that they are monitoring the movements on the international electricity market.

“With our plan for excavating coal and the production of electricity, we have stable production and we are meeting the needs of the universal provider EVN Home for supplying the households at a price that is significantly lower than the market price, with the goal for the citizens not to experience a price shock,” said Vasko Kovachevski, AD ESM’s Director.

Still, in order to secure a stable electroenergy system, it is necessary to produce additional electricity, which will require an additional excavation of coal from REK Bitola including the purchase of coal by issuing an international public call. The state company stated that the additional quantities of electricity will meet the needs of the country’s electroenergy system, while the surpluses will be sold on the free market and an income will be generated.

Unlike the promise that there won’t be any increase in the price of electricity for households, the business has already sounded the alarm. The President of the North Macedonia’s Economic Chamber, Branko Azeski in his address to the businessmen informed that an intervention import has been agreed with the government of 2 million tons of high quality coal and this call will be publicly issued today.

Otherwise, the rise in the price of products was already announced by the food sector, which warned that the costs of raw materials have risen by 40% and the new price of the energy sources was not included in the estimates, the Economic Chamber clarifieds.

Also, ina press conference, the president of the Group for Meat and Meat Processes Goce Trajchev said that the behavior of some of the suppliers of electricity in the last several days has been problematic, as they are terminating the contracts with the business sector.