The two officially independent candidates in the run for president of the country, backed by the largest ruling and opposition parties, are ready for a TV debate.

Stevo Pendarovski and the head of the Election Headquarters Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova told “Meta”, they believe there should be TV debates or duels where candidates will be able to confront each others views and visions before the entire general public.

“Professor Siljanovska-Davkova is absolutely in the mood and ready for televised debates or duels, where views will be presented and debated. Of course, she would always accept to participate in a debate”, replied the campaign team of the professor from the Faculty of Law “Justinian I” at UKIM.

The Election Headquarters of the main opposition party hold a similar view, who have completely stood behind Siljanovska’s candidacy.

“In general, I think there should be a TV debate. We have not taken a definitive stance, but we think there should be televised debates. We see no reason why not go for it”,Igor Janushev, the head of the VMRO-DPMNE Election Headquarters, who supports the campaign told “Meta”.

Stevo Pendarovski said he is absolutely “for” debates, which he calls the “core of democracy”.

“Democracy means, among other things, a contest of ideas and concepts. Ideas should be put across and presented to the public, in front of those we ask for trust and those we serve. Debates among opponents are the core of democracy, I support it and will participate in such debates at appropriate times”, Pendarovski told “Meta”.