Representatives of the political parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement today need to meet and discuss the outstanding issues, uncovers “Meta”. According to our information, they will be discussing the draft-bill for Government that Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte handed out to them last week.

The information indicates that any remarks made by policy parties, however the points of view from both parties remain unchanged, but in anticipation of a new model that Mr Vanhoutte perhaps brought back with him after his consultations he had back in Brussels.

The two main political parties continue with their positions when it comes to choosing Deputy Ministers and Ministers. SDSM insists that Ministers, who have come through the ranks, should have all the power and authority like the others. VMRO-DPMNE, however, thinks that these Ministers should have just a technical role. In terms of the Deputy Ministers, the ruling party favours the idea that they can veto any decision, while the opposition believes that the veto be limited, and used only on issues related to elections.

It is expected that the parties will agree on the selection of the remaining seven assistants to the Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva. They need to find a way to resolve the issue after statements by the Council of Public Prosecutors that it can not happen now or immediately.

The Belgian facilitator will insist that the parties resolve the outstanding issues remaining by the end of the week, while the deadline of the progress report on the Western Balkans gets closer for its path to the EU.

Otherwise, Macedonia is at danger of loosing its recommendation for NATO and the EU, and getting a conditional recommendation until full implementation of the Przhino Agreement is finalized.

So far, the parties have agreed on Electoral Laws as for the are unresolved issues related to the regulation of the media, the conclusion is yet to be seen.