This morning, in Skopje, Bitola and Tetovo, citizens were choking on polluted air. All measuring stations in Skopje, the two measuring stations in Bitola and the Tetovo measuring station showed high levels of the cancerous PM10 particles. Also, in the Skopje neighbourhood of Karposh, particles were measured at PM2.5, which are very high levels, also in the Centre the levels were high.

Last night the measuring station in Tetovo showed 592 micro-grams per cubic metre, which is 12 times more than allowed limit of 50 micro-grams, and in the area of Lisice where 350 micro-grams were measured, is seven times more than the allowed limit.

To reduce pollution levels from last year, industrial facilities have to adjust their capacities in accordance with the operational plan for reducing pollution, reducing traffic, banning old vehicles ,to promote the use of public transport and put our homes on gas, methods Mr Sazdov considered from the Macedonian Green Centre.
Arijant Xhaferi from the Ecological Association “Eco Guerrilla” says that to reduce pollution in Tetovo ” Jugohrom “, which according to them is the biggest polluter, should put a stop to production through the winter, and the Government should subsidize filters or to give workers a wage, this way “Jugohrom” will not have to pay its workers for the period its facilities are not working.
Nenad Kocic from the Environmental Organization “Vila Zora” says its sad, because people only start to think about pollution when it starts, and you need a lot before the heating season begins, you have to think about what measures need to be taken.