Osmani: There were not enough arguments to come to a decision, all options remain open

There were not enough arguments to decide on one of the five options which were the subject of debate within the party, so we need more time to come to a decision, said Bujar Osmani, spokesman for DUI, from the party headquarters in Mala Recica where tonight the central presidency of the party met to discuss a possible coalition with VMRO-DPMNE.

“Today DUI could not come to a decision on any of the five options which were subject of debate in the party and there were no arguments to decide on any of them”, said Osmani.

He added that in the coming days they will continue the debate to make the best decision for the citizens, because there is not a sufficient number of arguments for one of the options under consideration by the party.

Osmani noted that the debate was constructive and was for the good of the citizens and ue to the delicacy of the situation and the severity of the decision, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, left the whole party to express their views and the presidency to decide on any of the options, even though it is his statutory right to decide alone.

Osmani said that all options remain open and that for DUI, the agreement with the Albanians signed on December 11 is important.

He said he would not comment on the projections of what will happen in the future after DUI’s decision, although the party knew the weight of the decision because of the deadline given to Nikola Gruevski to form a government expires at midnight.

“Throughout the talks we had in mind the stability of the country, the interests of the citizens and the need to stop the crisis. Due to the gravity of the decision and the delicacy we need arguments to determine one of the options”, added Osmani.

Spokesman for DUI added that the talks within the party, but also with the international community lasted a few weeks, but repeated that there was not enough arguments to decide on any option.