Osmani: Euro-integration and accept the platform, if not – Early elections


“Without accepting the platform of the three Albanian parties as the status of Albanians in Macedonia and without a clear position on European integration, it is going to be difficult for VMRO-DPMNE and DUI to form a government. Also, efforts are being made so that officials under investigation be permitted to enter”, said Bujar Osmani yesterday on the “200” show on Alsat-M TV, referring to the cases opened by the SPO.

“There are three or four days left, but take into consideration that the platform is a condition, which, without it, it will be impossible to form a government, the Albanian language is a condition which, without it, is impossible. Specifically, the path towards integration is a condition which, without it, would be impossible for any political party that is forming a government, or, if not, we will go to early elections”, said Osmani.

On Sunday, Osmani , said in an interview with “Voice of America” in Albanian, that we must respect the rule of government between the winners of the elections from the Macedonian and Albanian political block. He went on to say that in Macedonia there was pressure on the May Agreement and the principle, which is “the winner of the Albanian community selects the winner of the Macedonian community as their partner “.

When  asked, if DUI managed to form a government with VMRO-DPMNE, would they insist on all figures who are under investigation not be part of government, Osmani replied “Yes, I think we would”.

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