Now only the President can decide whether he will strengthen or weaken democracy, said EU Ambassador Aivo Orav, regarding the Constitutional Court to repeal the amendments to the Amnesty Law adopted in 2009, which will allow the President to pardoned people convicted of electoral fraud.

“We have criticized your country many times for not having an independent judiciary and rule of law. In this particular case, which has been discussed for several weeks after Special Public Prosecution filed several criminal charges against former ministers for electoral fraud. If you give more rights to the President or Presidents of this country, then it will be left to the President whether to use this instrument, this tool, to strengthen democracy or to weaken democracy”, said Orav.

Orav made these remarks at the debate with the Dutch Ambassador Wouter Plomp in the city of Veles, where they published the results of their internal poll, which according to two-thirds of respondents in the country do not want to talk about politics.

“This poll is the public’s opinion and was done by the EU delegation in Skopje. This morning we received the latest data and indeed a very important fact, that 61 percent of the respondents in the poll did not want to answer questions related to politics, or they said they would not participate in the elections at all. While respondents were answering questions related to other issues, they did not want to talk about politics. We all need to analyze why does this 61 percent of people do not want to talk about politics”, said Orav.

At the meeting Orav said that the situation with the migrants is a major concern for all and that the entry of 1,500 illegal migrants in Macedonia, that everyone learned a lesson, and that is that such incidents should not happen anymore.