Opposition political parties today condemned the decision of the Constitutional Court, which allows the President to pardon people accused or convicted of electoral crime, drug dealers and pedophiles.

The opposition SDSM said that the shameful decision of the Constitutional Court is nothing but classic abuse of party installations in the judiciary, in the hope that Gruevski will be saved from the responsibility, and to save his own skin.

For the NSDP (New Social Democratic Party), the decision made by the Constitutional Court is the brutal murder of the state law. And according to them, all subsequent elections in the country, including early parliamentary elections scheduled for June 5, are meaningless. For the NSDP everything has become insignificant, even the effort for updating the voters’ lists and everything else about the preparation of the elections.

Zdravko Savevski from the “Left” party said that the Constitutional Court once again proved that it operates under VMRO-DPMNE’s command.

Condemnation also came from the Coalition “Citizens of Macedonia”.

Marjan Zabrchanec says he closely monitors the situation and will continue to exclusively represent the interests of the citizens.