One year since Zaev’s first “Bomb”


Today marks one year since the first “bomb” was released by SDSM opposition leader Zoran Zaev,  which is part of the “Truth about Macedonia”.

The first recordings Zaev announced were conversations between himself and a journalist who was asking about the budget for the Municipality of Strumica with his daughter, and a conversation between the former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and the Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski.

At a press conference, when Zaev started releasing the conversations he also revealed that he had more than 20,000 wire tapped materials. The opposition leader also revealed that they had recordings of journalists, members of the opposition and in Government and the ruling coalition.

A year later, all those calls have been handed over to the Special Prosecutor’s Office after a political agreement was established between the four main parties.
Special prosecutor Katica Janeva has until March 15 to submit the first indictment in these cases.

Zaev is accused in the case “Putsch”, and in Parliament they have set up an Inquiry Committee formed for the tapped conversations, which should expose crimes arising from the content of the intercepted material.

However, for several months the work of this committee has been brought to a standstill because no representative from VMRO-DPMNE wants to testify publicly.

Нашите вести во вашето сандаче

Секој ден во 17 ч. добивајте ги вестите од Новинската агенција Мета директно на вашата електронска адреса.

Ве молиме одберете на кој начин сакате да добивате информации од нас:
Можете да се отпишете од оваа листа преку линкот на крајот од нашите пораки.