“Students rights are being violated and the deadline is changing for passing the state exam from June 4 to May 28, in normal circumstances where regular classes would be held for high school Graduation ends on May 20.

Therefore students have had their revision time shortened for passing the exam, which once again confirms that no-one takes into account whether the change will negatively affect the further education of the student, considering that the assessments of the state graduation significantly affect the success of the student, and by receiving points for enrollment at higher education institutions”, said the statement from the Office of the Ombudsman.

From there, they called on the Minister of Education and and Science to immediately withdraw his decision, because it is not in accordance with the Law on Secondary Education, nor is it in accordance with lawful acts which closely regulate this matter, and is the opposite to the interest of the child.

The Ombudsman considers that the holding of early parliamentary elections should not affect the education of students, nor is their a reason to change the deadlines for passing the state exam.