Baily and Orav are calming the situation while meeting with civil society organizations

The Ambassadors of the US and EU, Jess Baily and Aivo Orav in the next few days will  have meetings with representatives from various civil society organizations, diplomatic sources told journalists at “Meta”.

Meetings such as our source says, aims to calm the situation in the country, after the situation escalated followed by  the decision by of President Gjorge Ivanov to stop all court proceedings against politicians and their associates, granting them pardons.

The Ambassadors, also want to listen to civil society organizations, and their views and requests will be passed on to the leaders’ meeting on Friday which will be held in Vienna.

The EU Delegation in Skopje to Macedonian political parties have already sent invitations on behalf of EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn and MEPs Ivo Vajgl, Eduard Kukan and Richard Howitt, for a meeting in Vienna among the leaders, and to discuss how to salvage the Przhino Agreement.
European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic, today announced that the Vienna meeting is not aimed to set up a new agreement, but to ensure implementation of the existing Przhino Agreement as well as reform priorities.