North Macedonia: Rate of new marriages last year dropped by 25.6%, rate of divorces by 21.2%


The number of the couples who entered wedlock in North Macedonia in 2020 dropped by 25.6% in comparison with the year before and is 10,278, announced the State Statistical Office (SSO).

Most of the new marriages, 1,423 or 13.8% were contracted during last August, and the least in April, 162 or 1.6%.

94.1% of the brides and 92.8% of the grooms were married for the first time. On the other hand, in the numbers on the second wedlocks, with the participation of 6.5% of the total number of the new marriages, and on the third wedlocks, with 0.6% of the total number of the new marriages, the men prevail.

In 2020, the highest number of new wedlocks – 3,380 or 32,9% of the total number, was with brides aged 20-24, and 3,700 or 36,8% of the total number, with grooms aged 25-29.

The average age of entering first marriage was 27 years of age for the brides and 29,7 years for the grooms.

According to SSO, the number of divorces in 2020 dropped by 21,2% compared to 2019 and is 1,569. During last year, the smallest number of marriages, 29 or 1.8%, were divorced in May, and most of them, 199 or 12.7%, in July.

By age groups, most divorces have occurred in the age group 35 – 39 years of age. The participation of the women from this age group in the total number of divorces is 278 or 17.7% and 262 or 27.7% for the men. According to the marriage longevities, most divorces, 324 or 20.7% are in the the period 5 to 9 years of matrimony.

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