Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

It is crucial to conduct an analysis and find out why the number of deaths from COVID-19 is high in North Macedonia. We have been dealing with the pandemic for a year and a half, but the number of deaths is still high, says epidemiologist and former director of the Public Health Center Skopje, Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov. According to Health Ministry’s evidence, the number of deaths in the last period is from 20 to 30 people every day.

The numbers are high all of the time. Officially, they are stating that the reason for this is the patients who are visiting the doctor too late, but still, these are high numbers. I wouldn’t want to interfere in the clinicians’ work, how they treat the patients, because they know if the patients are arriving late for hospitalization, whether they have comorbidities. Additionally, the disease itself is problematic. I don’t think our protocols are bad, they weren’t invented by our health authorities, they are provided by the World Health Organization. They stated that there is not sickness but a sick person, so each case is a story for itself. There is a single approach toward treating the patient, Dr. Stojanov says.

His opinion is that during this year and a half, the people still didn’t learn how to behave.

This is why I think an analysis should be made about the high numbers, each case to be checked, what was the case like, how was the patient treated, etc, the doctor says.

According to the latesst report by the Health Ministry, in one day, 27 deaths were registered. These were people aged between 36 and 89. On the 28th of August, 24 deaths were registered and during the previous day, 36 deaths were registered among them a 24-year-old. According to the statistics, even on the 26th of August, 27 deaths were registered.