Is it an increased interest among the citizens for the use of landline telephony or is it actually a rise in the sale of service bundles by the Internet and landline telephony operators? There is an unusual twist on the market of electronic communications in North Macedonia, where during the fourth trimester the last year there was rise of the number ofusers of landline telephony and at the same time a decline in the number of active mobile subscribers.

According to the report by the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC) about the market’s development during the past year’s last quarter, as of 31.12.2019, the total number of landline telephony users was 400 454 which is an increase by 1.54 % compared to the third quarter. A rise in the number of subscribers can be noticed both among the households and the business users.

On the other hand, by the end of the previous year, the four mobile operators had a total of 1,921,013 active subscribers, which is a decline of 6.54 % compared to the third quarter in 2019, when Macedonia had 2,055,039 active subscribers.