The state of emergency which was declared by the government last summer due to the migrant crisis, and was approved by Parliament, will last until the end of this year.

The Crisis Management Centre (CMC) told “Meta” that currently, the situation on the Southern border is calm, without pressure, unlike it was last year when tens of thousands of migrants were stranded at an improvised camp in Idomeni, which is on the Greek side of the border.

The CMC could not tell us with full certainty whether the army is still present at the border, however, they can confirm that police teams patrol the area every day, according to reports from the Ministry of Interior.

“The situation at the transit centre in “Vinojug” in Gevgelija is calm, as is the camp on the Northern border in Tabanovce. At the moment, in “Vinojug” there are 133 migrants, while in Tabanovce, there are approximately 80.

“Every day we work towards making the conditions better, as much as we can”, said Nadica Vchkova, spokesperson for the CMC, who are the coordinating body that has been handling the migrant crisis.